silver nitrate


Synonyms : AgNO3, Silver (I) Nitrate
Formula Weight : 169.87 grams/Mole — (AgNO3 contains 63.50% Silver)
Density : 4.35 grams per cubic centimeter (when compressed)
Density : 2.21 grams per cubic centimeter (in powder form, like we sell)
Particle Size : 0.021 inches max – (21 thousandths of an inch)
Melting Point : 2120C ( 4130F )
Boiling Point : 4400C ( 8240F ) – decomposes
Shelf Life : Indefinite

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silver nitrate

buy Information on silver nitrate from Wikipedia, silver nitrate is an inorganic compound with the chemical formula AgNO ₃. This compound is a versatile precursor to many other compounds, such as those used in photography. is much less sensitive to light than halides.

Formula: AgNO3
Molar mass: 169.87 g / mol
Density: 4.35 g / cm³
Boiling point: 824 ° F (440 ° C)
Melting point: 413.6 ° F (212 ° C)
Soluble in: water, glycerol
Silver Nitrate Lab features:

CAS Number 7761-88-8
Molecular formula AgNO3
Weight formula 169.87
Trial Approx. 99%

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