Magic Mushroom Grow Kits For Sale

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Grow your own magic mushrooms at home with magic mushroom grow kits. Each tub provides multiple flushes of fruiting bodies in a matter of weeks. Gone are the days of scouring woodlands and pastures—or relying on shady dealers—to acquire a dose of goodness!

Our selection of grow kits offers something for everyone. If you’re new to magic mushrooms, try out one of our less potent strains for a gentle introduction. In contrast, you’ll need something a little stronger if you want to blast off and explore alternate dimensions. You’ll get a general idea of the potency of each strain by reading the description of a particular grow kit.

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Magic Mushroom Grow Kits For Sale

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The word says it all, it’s a kit to grow Magic Mushrooms. In the Netherlands, the sale of fresh or dried psilocybin mushrooms has been banned since December 1, 2008. When this legislation came into effect, the Smartshops came up with an alternative, “the grow kit”! This psilocybin grow kit was the outcome of then and now to still be able to consume these important mind-altering mushrooms.


A psilocybin mushroom grow kit, is a plastic box with substrate containing a mycelium (vegetative network of threads of fungi and bacteria) of which the mushroom is the fruit off which you can grow in a simple way by just performing a few actions.  Cultivating mushrooms with a growkit for own use is 100% legal in the Netherlands and some other countries. The demand for the psilocybe mushroom grow kits continues to increase, they are becoming more and more popular by the day. This is of course due to the magical psychoactive and mind-altering properties that the psilocybe mushrooms produce/convert in combination with the body.


Magic mushrooms contain the substance Psilocybin. This substance is not magical (hallucinogenic) in itself. After ingestion of the psilocybe mushroom, the magic process that is created by the body starts. This transformation of the substance Psilocybin, creates the hallucinogenic substance Psilocin. This substance is again responsible for the mind-altering or hallucinatory effects that occur after ingestion. The real magic that this substance can generate is a change of consciousness capable of realizing transformations. Psilocybin mushrooms broaden your horizons, are unique and deserve many times more respect than they get today.


After growing your psychedelic mushroom grow kit, you naturally want to start consuming it as soon as possible. However, we ask you to be patient and to first check where you want to trip and with whom and how many grams are you taking? You can eat the fresh mushrooms immediately after harvesting your psychedelic grow kit or store them in the fridge in a paper bag for up to 6 days. A normal dose of fresh mushrooms is between 25 and 35 grams. With dried mushrooms this is between 2.3 and 3.4 grams. So when you have just harvested your grow kit, you are the first to decide whether you are going to dry the mushrooms or consume them fresh. Once you have made this decision, you will need to find out with who you want to do this with (note: only do this with people you feel comfortable with and trusted) and where. The environment is also very important to gain a great experience with magic mushrooms. A space again in which you feel comfortable and relax, where you can lie on a mattress, for example.


Natural Meds believes in the magical effect of psilocybin mushrooms and truffles! Each psilocybe mushroom is unique and has its own fascinating psychoactive properties and effects. We are convinced that there is a suitable psilocybe mushroom grow kit for both the novice user and the experienced psychonaut in our mushroom shop. We only sell high quality mushroom grow kits! Due to insight and transparency into the hygienic production processes of our suppliers, we have decided to include these mind-blowing psilocybe mushroom grow kits in our range.

McSmart All in One, Freshmushrooms and Mondo growkits

Have you never grown a psilocybe grow kit in your life, but you are curious what the effect of a magical paddo can do with you? Then choose an All-in-One Growkit! The magic mushroom grow kits from McSmart, Freshmushrooms and Mondo are super easy to set up and grow! A real grow kit for the novice mushroom user/grower and with a wide range of different types of psilocybin mushrooms, each with different effects, such as:

Growing Thai psilocybe mushroom growkit

The Thai mushroom is perfect for a social atmosphere and a first introduction to psychedelic mushrooms! This magic mushroom grow kit is easy to grow. By social mushroom we mean that this mushroom species is excellent for consuming it together with a small trusted company and space. The effects range from laughter, philosophy, deep conversations, to euphoric feeling with waves of energy. The effects of the Thai magic mushroom Freshmushrooms growkit correspond to those of the Ecuadorian and the slightly stronger Colombian mushroom grow kit. These two strains are also very suitable for first encounters with psychedlics. They are all-over low to medium strong effects.

Growing Mexican psilocybe mushroom growkit

The Mexican mushroom is by far the best known and most consumed mushroom species in the world. This magic mushroom strain is very strong and will emerge without difficulty. The mycelium in this mushroom grow kit is powerful and can fight many fungi. A much-praised mushroom strain for its medium-strong effects and its beautiful visuals (eyes open less than closed). The Mexican mushroom is just a bit too strong for a novice user of psilocybin mushrooms. We therefore recommend this mushroom strain to people who have taken a trip with psychedelic mushrooms more often. This also applies to Cambodian and the mysterious Mazatapec psilocybe mushroom growkit.

Growing McKennaii psilocybe mushroom growkit

The McKennaii mushroom Mondo growkit is a philosophical master with extreme visuals both with the eyes open and closed! Undulating objects, experiencing profound conversations, geometric eye-closed visual are just a few of the effects this wondrous mushroom produces. This magic mushroom strain is named after the well-known psychonaut, author, philosopher Terence McKennaii. Growing this grow kit is easy. The Golden Teacher, Albino, B+ and the Moby Dick are more or less the same when it comes to strength. These are extremely strong mushrooms and are absolutely not suitable for a first introduction to psilocybin mushrooms.


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In addition to various mushroom grow kits, we also offer shroom spores to get started cultivating magical psilocybin mushrooms yourself. The growing process with spores is not as simple as setting up a grow kit. The reward of growing with spores is in much larger yields. This is because you can inoculate multiple substrates with a spore syringe and/or spore vial.


You can choose to go on a spiritual journey with the amazing harvest of your own magic mushroom grow kit, full of magic and wonder! But you can also choose to use the mushrooms or truffles for microdosing for subtle positive mental changes. Besides the fact that you can also use psychedelic mushrooms to treat depression and many other ailments, there are also medicinal mushrooms. Medicinal mushroom extracts are like elixirs of life. This is due to the unique effects these mushrooms have on the immune system.

Cultivating psilocybin mushrooms for microdosing

The substance psilocybin is perfect for microdosing. Psilocybin has many positive properties with regard to stress, depression, but also creative stimulants. Taking small doses of dried mushrooms or fresh truffles can help with these ailments. Microdosing psilocybin is starting to become a trend. It will not be long before current medical science gives psilocybin the recognition it deserves, and it will be possible to order it on prescription from a doctor. Medicinal mushrooms may not be psychedelic mushrooms, but they do have strong medicinal properties.

Medicinal mushrooms

The effects and the use of these medicinal mushrooms makes them incorporated into TCM, holistic and traditional Chinese medicine. The medicinal mushrooms such as Reishi, Chaga, Cordyceps, Trukey Tail or Lions Mane all contain immune system strengthening and supporting properties.  We offer various extracts and tinctures of excellent quality. From medicinal mushrooms liquid tinctures up to and with powder extracts in capsules. Both are easy to take and dose.


If you have bought a psilocybin grow kit or traces, it is essential that the work area or where the grow kit is placed is clean. A psilocybin grow kit is very sensitive to bacteria from outside. Make sure you have the right growth supplies because a psilocybe mushroom growkit can easily infect if you work with unwashed hands or without a mouth cap, for example. A cough on the psilocybin grow kit can ruin the entire mushroom harvest and infect the mycelium, you don’t want this. That is why we always advise you to use grow supply to order.


We are always ready to provide support when purchasing a psilocybin mushroom grow kit. Email us or call us if you can’t make a choice or if you want other information about, for example, about growing mushrooms. When you buy a psilocybin mushroom growkit in our Mushroomshop we will ship it discreetly at the speed of light. In addition, we will send a track and trace code to your email. With this code you are able to follow your grow kit everywhere it goes. This way you avoid the chance of missing out on the grow kit. Order today and your package will be shipped within 24 hours. For more psychedelic products, check out the Mushroomshop or smartshop!

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