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  • 3-fpm



    3′-fluorophenmetrazine, is the 3′-fluoro analogue of Phenmetrazine. – This is the crystal form.

    Phenmetrazine was an extremly popular chemical with researchers in the 1960s, with in-vitro stimulant properties but is now controlled in most countries so is unavailable for the majority of researchers.

  • 3fpm



    3-FMC is commonly purchased to research the compund’s impressive stimulant properties.

    Various studies have reported 3-FMC to be very much like Mephedrone in terms of the effects of 3-FMC.

    Due to these similarities 3-FMC is often purchased as a Mephedrone alternative / replacement.

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    4-cec stands for 4-chloroethcathinone. 4-cec has the potentiality to have multipurpose uses. Generally, it is a kind of stimulant drug which belongs to the cathinone class. 4-CEC Crystals For Sale Online – Order Research Chemical USA

  • bomb


    25I-NBOMe Blotter, Because it has received a lot of negative coverage in the media and has caused multiple fatalities,  doesn’t have a good reputation. Nevertheless, it’s typically safe at common doses and some people enjoy its effects




    Bromadol HCL BDPC has never been utilized as a part of people, however would be required to create impacts like those of other strong opioid agonists, including solid absense of pain, sedation, happiness, stoppage, tingling and respiratory sadness which could be unsafe or lethal. BDPC Formula

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    Moreover the Crossroads Treatment Center in Northern Mexico, which specializes in combination ibogaine and 5-MeO-DMT therapy. It seems to work synergistically with the ibogaine, by allowing patients to integrate the ibogaine with a transcendental or mystical experience. It helps patients recontextualize their experience and ultimately can give them inspiration and motivation

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    Ayahuasca tea for sale is a psychoactive brew that has been used for medicinal and spiritual purposes for centuries. For millennia! Ayahuasca was prepared and consumed by Amazonian tribes because they believed it brought them closer to their gods – ayahuasca for sale, ayahuasca purchase
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    DMT — or N, N-dimethyltryptamine in medical talk — is a hallucinogenic tryptamine drug. Sometimes referred to as Dimitri, this drug produces effects similar to those of psychedelics, like LSD and magic mushrooms. Buy Online DMT online safe and secured and be rest assured to get 100% actual product delivered at your address.

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    Synthacaine is a stimulant made from a mixture of 3-FPM and benzocaine, synthacaine is a name on an ever-growing list of designer drugs that have become increasingly popular for sale. With Some Negative Effects This Substance also helps for disorders, Depression, Anxiety, Party Mood, Pains, Sleeplessness and More. Buy Synthacaine Online Now And Enjoy.

  • cmc powder


    3-CMC CRYSTAL, 4-MMC > bk-MDMA > 4-CMC > 3-CMC > 3-MMC > 5-methyl-ethylone > Butylone > Ethylone
    Apparently this “Clephedrone” (4-CMC) that hasn’t really made a significant appearance on the RC market is good stuff. And not explicitly scheduled in most places AFAIK. Safety profile largely unknown, howeve